About LegalTech.mu

2020  kicked off with an illness that has left us all flabbergasted: COVID-19, which has spread a wave of fear and uncertainty  around the globe. Mauritius was not spared and on the 19th of March, the country was put on lock-down. In addition to a sanitary crisis, the pandemic will eventually lead into an unprecedented economic and social crisis. While larger companies have the resources to stay afloat temporarily, SMEs and self-employed individuals have been left at the mercy of state funding to survive. Job losses have already started and will be inevitable, with the social consequences that it entails.

Another victim of the pandemic is our judicial system. Access to justice has been restricted to urgent applications done via videoconference while all other court hearings have been postponed. At one point in time, Barristers were even prohibited from assisting their clients while unlawful arrests, police brutality, and other human rights abuses have been on the rise.

Quick-fix solutions have emerged to reduce the impact on the legal industry. However, they are not sustainable in the long run and leaving all of us vulnerable.

Amid this chaotic situation, we have founded LegalTech.mu as our research & development laboratory for innovation in the legal sector.

LegalTech.mu is part of the LexTech.mu Group.